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Customer Testimonials for Curmsons

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Joe L - 2010 Chev Box truck

Very good experience!

Curmson's Auto Sales have been honest, professional, and they stand behind what they do. I have been buying truck for my business from them for about 20 years plus and I from no one else! They are good people!

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George K - 2013 Chevrolet Silverado pickup

Customer-friendly and detail-oriented

I have purchased four vans from Curmsons Auto Sales Inc. because they were on top of everything. They were attentive to detail, and they were quick to respond. They were very customer friendly, and they gave good deals on vans.

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William P - 2002-2015 Chev & Ford Astro & Transit mini cargo vans

Service is Professional and Prompt!

Curmsons Auto Sales Inc is excellent. I have been purchasing vehicles from them for the past ten years, buying about 8 or so service vehicles for my company, and they have been fantastic. I have never really had any issues with the vehicles, but being that that they've all been used, sometimes an issue does arise. But, Curmsons is so good that you can take it back to them, tell that what is wrong, and they handle it professionally and right away; you don't get charged and you're in and out. I've recommended them to two people, who went on to purchase vehicles themselves, and they too have had great experiences. Their prices are very reasonable and I definitely recommend them!

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Mark B - 2012 Ford Van

I am VERY impressed! FIVE STARS !!!!

I rarely write reviews however, my experience with Curmson's really mandated that I do so. Professional, pleasant to deal with and surprisingly HONEST for a used van/auto dealers! Thus far, they have taken care of my concerns/customizations as agreed upon. David, Eddie, Moby, and Michael have comported themselves courteously and with a seemingly genuine desire to assure me of a smooth, seamless and easy transaction even to the point of registering and final inspection for a very nominal fee! I wish all of my business transactions were like this! I will be recommending them to others and will buy from them again when it comes time to trade up to a newer van! Kudos gents and thanks again!

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Andrew R - 2008 Ford van

Can't go wrong here for a work van.

I Purchased a 2008 ford E 250, I was amazed at there selection. If your in need of a work van this is place, we searched high and low and found a dealership that had what we wanted. Easy transaction, easy going people, don't waste your time going anywhere else.

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Hasan B - 2015 Cadillac Escalade

I recommend them all the time.

I've used Curmsons Auto Sales a few times in the last couple of years, and recently purchased a Cadillac truck from them. I am very satisfied, which is why I keep coming back. I recommend them all the time, especially because they give a warranty for all the cars I've purchased.

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Billy S - 2002 - 2015 All makes vans

A dealer worth dealing with

I went to Curmsons Auto Sales Inc. about twenty years ago to buy a car. I was promised as I purchased the vehicle that they would take care of anything that went wrong after I drove it off the lot. I did not believe them at first because no used car company offers that kind of service, but they were totally honest with me. Since that time, I have purchased about ten vans and four or five more cars. Their pricing is fair and reasonable, and the staff is trustworthy. I could not have met a better used car dealer and I would not consider shopping anywhere else. Curmsons Auto Sales Inc. is the most honest car dealer that I know of and I highly recommend their services.

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Hector D - 2006 Ford passenger van

Quick, great selection, excellent service

I purchased a van from Curmsons Auto Sales Inc. The selection was very good and they were able to give me exactly what I wanted. The van I purchased was an older model and the crew was able to make adjustments to the vehicle to fit my needs. My experience with the company was wonderful. I recommend Curmsons Auto Sales Inc. for their good selection and good service.

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Justin R - 2013 - 2019 Ford & Chev cargo vans

Excellent At What They Do; Treat You Like Your In A Partnership!

I have been going to Curmsons Auto Sales for over six years and I have had a great experience with them from day one. The owner is very friendly and professional, just a great person. He puts you as his top priority and follows up with you after you have made a purchase. I have bought six vehicles from them in the past six years for my own business and never have I felt that the salespersons are trying to hassle me. They are reputable in everything that they are saying and understand that you are there to purchase a vehicle, which is a big commitment. The prices are very competitive and excellent, and are really worth the service you are getting. I have already recommend them to several friends and I will continue to, as Curmsons is the best.

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George S - 2015 Ram cargo van

Very satisfied- will return.

I have been to Curmsons Auto Sales Inc. twice now. I came in knowing what I wanted, and I gave them the specifications. Their inventory is not just what they have on the lot, but they will find whatever it is you are looking for elsewhere. They would send me updates, and kept in constant communication. Within two weeks they had what I was looking for. The communication was unbelievable. I have already recommended them to someone else, and that person has been very happy with them as well. I will definitely use them again.

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Mario R - 2012 Dodge Pickup truck

Nice staff, good quality, great price

I have purchased all of my trucks from Curmsons Auto Sales Inc. for the last fifteen years. My experience is great every time I go. The trucks are great quality for second-hand vehicles and sold at a very reasonable price. The staff is very professional and personable. They fix any problem with the vehicle while it is under warranty and the service is always very quick. I go to Curmsons Auto Sales Inc. whenever I need a truck and bring any friend looking for a vehicle.

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Gerry B - 2014 Ford E250 vans

Totally satisfied

My company has purchased about fourteen work vans from Curmsons Auto Sales Inc. over the last fifteen or twenty years. They have gone above and beyond every time to make sure we have everything we need. The vans are very fairly priced and the staff is easy to work with. I will never go anywhere except Curmsons Auto Sales Inc. to buy a vehicle.

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John N - 2010 GMC Savana cargo van

An easy transaction!

I've been dealing with Curmsons Auto Sales Inc since 1989. I buy all my trucks from them. They always have what I need.

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George K - 2012 Dodge Pickup Ram

They Put the Customer's Needs First.

Curmsons Auto Sales is so good that we have used them 5 times. They are easy to work with, willing to negotiate, and customer satisfaction is their #1 concern.

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Jonathan A - 2015 Transit Ford

Excellent customer service

I bought a 2015 Ford from Curmsons Auto Sales Inc.The price was high, but we talked about it. They are nice people and have a knowledgeable staff. This was not my first time buying from them. I've used them many times and I would use again.

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Voytek L - 2012 Ford E350 passenger

Extremely smooth transaction!

I recently bought a passenger van from Curmsons Auto Sales. The price was right, they were really helpful, and the vehichle was ready when promised. They are very helpful people, and they made the transaction very easy.

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Jamie S - 2015 Ford Transit passenger

Excellent customer service.

The sales people at Curmsons Auto Sales were very knowledgeable and helpful, not pushy at all. They were honest and upfront, and had great prices. They definitely had a good selection of vehicles, and I went ahead and made a purchase. The purchase process was straightforward and easy. I have had no issues with the car I purchased from them.

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Andy G - 2009 Mitsubishi Box truck

Car sales made easy

I bought two trucks in the last five years from Curmsons Auto Sales Inc.. The whole process was very easy. I asked for a truck and then they found it and detailed it for me. Everyone on staff offers great service and I know I can trust them. They are an honest group that really stands behind their products. If something is wrong, they will fix it. I recommend Curmsons Auto Sales Inc. for great customer service.

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Jose S - 2006 Subaru Outback

Friendly sales team, good price

This was my first time going to Curmsons. The thing I appreciated the most is that when I went to look for the car, they were really friendly and not too pushy. They left me alone to look at the car, let me take my time, and were available to answer my questions. Previous car salesmen have been way too pushy about the sale, but Curmsons let me make my own choice. I did a lot of research before buying this car, and the price was really fair. I'd definitely go back to Curmsons for any car purchase, and have recommended them to friends.

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Stephen K - 2015 Chev Express van

Good and fair experience.

I am a repeat customer of Curmsons Auto Sales. I went in recently for my second purchase. I knew what I wanted, and I went in to see if they could find something to meet my requirements. The sales team knew their stock well, and were able to find what I needed. I thought the prices were fair, and I was also able to negotiate. The car has worked out well. I have had no issues with my purchase, and am very happy with it. It was a good experience.

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Alan L - 2005 Chev Astro van

My experience with Curmson's has been wonderful.

I have bought at least twenty vehicles from Curmsons Auto Sales and it's always been a good experience. The owner and salespeople are great. Curmsons offers good, clean vehicles that my business needs and they are the only place we buy from. The fact that we keep going back is a testament of how great their business is. They have good prices and when I need a vehicle, I know they'll have one for me.

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Wilson W - 2013 Ford E250

Sales staff was good, would go back again.

Curmsons Auto Sales had a nice selection of vans, which is what I was looking for. All I did was go there and buy a van, they had a lot of choices, and the staff didn't pressure me at all. I picked out what I wanted and am happy with it.

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Thomas N - 2014e Ford vans

Great selection, great people

Curmsons Auto Sales has been excellent for my business. We've purchased six company vans at Curmsons and we're very happy with them. They have a good selection and the people who work there are very easy to deal with. I've never had an issue with our vehicles or the sales people. If you're looking to get new trucks or vans for your business or personal use, check out Curmsons Auto Sales.

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James R - 2010 Ford E350 passenger van

Very pleased with the treatment. Now, I'm going to be less so if it turns out that the car isn't what it's supposed to be.

So far, I am very satisfied with Curmsons Auto Sales Inc. but that could change and I'll tell you why: We were looking for a van, we had a 1999 E350 Ford Van that we bought in 2006 and we drove it 260,000 miles and it needed to be replaced, so, we were trying to replace it and Curmsons had one that seemed to be right so we went to look at it and they made us a deal.

So, we went ahead and bought it and took it to our mechanic, which we live in the neighborhood of about 3.5 hours away from them, so it was a bit of a trip and when we took it to the mechanic at home and they found some issues. So, we took it back to Curmsons and they kept it a couple of days and fixed the issues and at every step of the way they took care of things how we expected them to.

We took it on our first trip and on the trip the engine failed. That was yesterday with about 2,000 miles since we bought it from them. It was a catastrophic fail in a small town in Georgia and they are trying to take it apart and it's pretty clear that the engine has been taken apart before and reassembled before, that's the evidence.

So, they are not finished, so the final results are not known and this is not an inexpensive process and it's costing us a lot because it's keeping us from developing sales in our business. So, the overall satisfaction so far it's wonderful in terms of treatment, but if we find that the engine wasn't any good in the beginning and wasn't capable of doing the job we described pretty clearly, then we won't be as satisfied. But we don't know that they had any way of knowing in advance that the engine had been open. But we do know, or we think we know, that the engine had been worked on previously and they are just now getting into it now.

How much could they have known, I have no idea. They bought it in an auction and when they entered in carfax I don't know how much of this shows up, I'm not a mechanic and this is not the business that I do. I do know that I'm losing an enormous amount by missing a sale. So, I'm not as happy with my knowledge at this point but I don't have any evidence. We sort of described what we needed but I don't know if that would have helped them to tell us what kind of engine we needed to get.

They treated us very well and we were very pleased with the treatment. Now, I'm going to be less so if it turns out that the car isn't what it's supposed to be.

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Raj R - 2007 Ford Van

Great service, great guys who have fun doing business

I have never had a problem with Curmsons Auto Sales in the 7 or 8 years I have used their business. I've bought a few vans from them, and I always recommend Curmsons to anyone seeking to buy a van. They have some really great guys over there like Eddie and Dave. If you buy a van, they'll always take care of it. They don't push you around like some of the other auto dealerships out there.

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Robert F - 2005 Dodge Sprinter

Very good. Using them for a long time and they always help me out!

Curmsons Auto Sales' work was very good. We've gone there a few times, I don't remember exactly how many but it has been many times! See, when you get to my age time because a different thing by and years just pass right by ya, I don't hear very good anymore either. But anyway! Their work was very good. I never had any problem with their services so I've always been a happy customer. They always help me out and I hope they continue to do it. Thank you!

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Joe H - 2018 Ram Promasters

They set up the trucks the way I wanted

I was really pleased with how my dealings with Curmsons Auto Sales went. I wanted to trucks that I purchased to be set up in a very specific manner in regards to the interior and with the tires. The guys over at Curmsons Auto Sales really went the extra mile to maker sure that my requests were fulfilled and that the trucks were up to my designated specifications. The pricing was fair and they were able to get the trucks ready for me really quickly which I greatly appreciated. Very good people and they do a good job of making sure you walk away from dealing with them with a big smile on your face.

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Sal D - 2014 Chev Express van Van


I've used Curmsons Auto Sales for about 5 years. I've bought three vehicles from them. They're very honest and straightforward with me, and I will continue to use them.

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Chris - 2010 Ford Van

No hassle, great work.

Curmsons Auto Sales has very good customer service and they really do great work on the vans. I always know that they are going to take care of things in the way that they are supposed to and the nice thing about them is that they actually pay attention to what it is you need, and then they do things exactly in the way that you need them to, without hassling you. Good company.

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Mr P - 2004 Chev van

Really good, cheap, workable vans.

I refereed two or three fellows recently to Curmsons Auto Sales Inc.I had a friend, like, 2 weeks ago that wanted to purchase two brand new vans but I said, don't purchase them brand new. The guys at Curmsons are really good and they have really cheap and workable vans and that's what they did. I think highly of the company because they did some work for me on some shelves for about 5 years ago and they did a really good job.

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Edgar Y - 2015 Jeep Cherokee

Nice people and I like the way they do business.

I recommend Curmsons Auto Sales Inc to anybody. They are nice people and I like doing business with them. I like the way they take care of their customers. I've been using them for a couple of years already and I will definitely continue using them. I got another car from them because I like the way they do business.
I plan on continuing to buy some more cars from them, I have already bought 3 and will probably buy a couple more.

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Stephen M - 2018 Chev van

Curmsons did what they said they would do

Overall, Curmsons Auto Sales knows what they are doing, did what they said, and delivered the product at a good price. I got the vehicle I required and wanted, which was a Chevy Van. Their showroom staff was very good and there were no problems. They took care of everything and the financing, and they handled all of the paperwork.

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Robert W - 2016 Ford Pickup

Great sales staff, very happy.

Well Curmsons Auto Sales customized a truck for me to make it exactly the way I wanted it. They did not hesitate to do it, they did it right away they were very service orientated toward me.

When it was all done they put me in a new truck and I couldn't be happier with them. They were easy to work with and they did exactly what I wanted. I would definitely recommend.

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Angelo T - 2015 Chevrolet Express cargo van

Amazing people, family owned

I've purchased all of my commercial vehicles from Dave at Curmsons Auto Sales and I'm always happy with the service they provide. Sometimes I've come to their shop and given them zero notice and they had a van ready for me right away, they always seem to have what I need and are terrific people. They're a family-oriented business and care about their customers, I highly recommend Curmsons Auto Sales, you won't be disappointed.

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Brendan L - 2016 Ram Pro City

Give them a 5 for everything!

We purchased a van from Curmsons Auto Sales and everything was smooth. I would give them a 5 for everything, their communication, costumer service, politeness and overall quality. This was our first time purchasing from them and we were please.

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Slawek P - 2017 Ford Transit

Easy and convenient

We purchased a van from Curmsons Auto Sales and they were very easy to deal with. They had a nice selection and we found exactly what we were looking for. The guys who work here are knowledgeable, professional and sold us the van with no hassles. I highly recommend this place if you want a commercial vehicle and a smooth experience.

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Paul H - 2004 Chevrolet Express

Good customer service but could have been more honest about sale!

I bought a used van from Curmsons Auto Sales last January. The customer service I thought was good but after having the van for a while I noticed a few faults. There was no windshield wiper fluid and the air conditioning was not working. The van even had low mileage and when I bought it I was told is was in full working order. That was quite annoying, they should have been more upfront about the condition of the van.

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Prince K - 2012 Ford Connect

Good service and vehicles but be sure to pay attention to negotiations!

I have had a number of dealings with Curmsons Auto Sales recently and I have mixed opinions about them at the moment. It started with me buying three vehicles from them, the third one intended to be a company car for the business I work with. I wanted to buy the car in the company's name and the team at Curmsons agreed to do so, but my personal credit card would be needed for the purchase. The car is not showing up in my credit score because I believe that they did not want it to do so. The information I got from them was a bit misleading, someone with a credit score of 780 should not be paying a 12.5% interest rate. I got the impression that they prioritized making a sale over the happiness of their customers. Be sure to pay close attention when it comes to the paperwork side of things! With all that said however I am happy with their service, in particular after the sales were complete. I would buy from them again and the the guys in the shop are good.

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Nick K - 2013 Ford Van

5 star experience every time!

Curmsons Auto Sales is great and i highly recommend them. This is the second time I have used them and I have not been disappointed one bit. They are friendly and have a polite, professional staff that really make it a a point to connect with customers. They are also honest which really does make all the difference to me, especially in this industry. Those are just a few of the things that really stick in my mind when I think of Curmsons Auto Sales. Overall, I have always been very satisfied and I absolutely would recommend them for anyone in the market for a new or used vehicle!

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Gregory N - 2008 Ford Econoline

5 star experience every time!

I have been with Curmsons Auto Sales for about 4 years now and I just love it. They are like family there and always done everything in their power to take care of me. I had a situation once where they actually sent their tow truck out to help me when my van broke down. The whole team is amazing - Mike, Tony, Eddie, and Moby. They offer top-quality service every single time and I highly recommend them!

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Mike - 2005 Chevrolet van

Great experience

They sold me a van. I appreciated their communication during the sales process.

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Patrick B - 2016 Ram Promaster

Been a customer for the past 8 years, I trust the guys at Curmsons.

I've been buying my company vans through Curmsons Auto Sales for the past 8 years. They've been great every time, I've purchased multiple vehicles that were in great condition. Their pricing is very good, you get what you pay for. If there are any issues they take care of it right away. They're very responsive and they stay on top of everything throughout the whole sales process, buying from them is a very pleasant experience. I still buy my vans from them and will continue to do so, I highly recommend purchasing from them, they take care of you.

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Tony S - 2009 Ford cargo van

Great place, excellent customer service

I am quite happy so far with the vehicle I bought from Curmsons Auto Sales Inc. I didn't have any issues working with them, the workers there were very helpful in helping us pick out a vehicle in our price range that would work well for us. I had to take the van back after I got it, because there was a small issue, and the people from Curmsons Auto Sales took care of it quickly and efficiently! I will definitely go to them again if needed, and I highly recommend their services!

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Gary H - 2013 Chevrolet Cargo van


Five! They picked me up at the airport when I flew in. My truck broke down on the way going home that I bought from them and they stood behind fixing that truck. Top notch facility, great people, trustworthy.

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Ed S - 2013 Ford Econoline

Excellent service

I have been buying vehicles from Curmsons Auto Sales Inc. for about 18 years. I usually purchase around two or three work trucks each year for my business. The sales team is always helpful and very professional. They have really good prices for what I need. They are really great to work with. I would recommend them.

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Bill N - 2013 Nissan Murano

great place to buy a car

These guys are great. They mainly deal in work trucks but had a few cars in stock from trade ins. They had a nissan murano in my budget that had just come in. They said it needed breaks and a few other items and they did all the repairs for the original asking price. I have been driving the car back and forth from L.I. to queens and no issues. I worked with Dave, Mike and Eddie at different times and each one gave me personalized service. I will be going back when i need vans for my plumbing business.

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John B - 2013 GMC Savana

Very helpful, great prices, answered all questions

Wide selection of vechiles. Very knowledgeable. Highly recommend.

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Gus S - 2013 Ford Transit Connect

Really great!

Curmsons absolutely give the best service, they're so great. Any issue I have, even minor stuff, they're more than happy to help me, and they give me good deal. They check out my vehicle, and they are very helpful. I would absolutely recommend them. I've been using them for 5 or 6 years. I know that they've always been there for other people. I would tell a potential customer that if they want the right service, they'll not only get the right deal, but great service! And that's what you want.

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Ivica B - 2015 Ford Transit Transit


I have bought 2 vehicles from Curmsons Auto Sales Inc. I have never had a problem with anyone there or with my purchases. The sales people are very professional and helpful. They have good prices and I will recommend them. I would go there again myself.

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Joe B - 2011 Isuzu Truck

Great service and welcoming experience!

Curmsons Auto Sales has great service. The experience was very welcoming. This was my first time and would definitely use them again. I purchased a truck and that purchase turned out great. They were very professional and honest. They showed me the truck and provided me with their professional opinion.

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Mike S - 2013 Chevrolet Express van

Bought And Fixed A wonderful Used Car!

I went to Crumsons Auto Sales to find a car to buy. I did not want a commercial vehicle but I needed something that was legal to drive. I found a used cargo van at Crumsons and they offered to make it legal by adding a bench seat and a window to the van. I was happy that they made it simple so I did not have to get it serviced at another location. They were really nice people and my car has been running fine ever since. I found a piece of molding missing from my windshield after I bought the car and took it home. The sales person didn't notice this minor flaw. Thankfully, they took responsibility and told me to bring the vehicle back and they fixed it free of charge. Crumsons Auto Sales Inc is a wonderful company with great customer service!

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Omer D - 2017 Ford Transit

All the Guys There Are Great

I've bought a few cars from Curmsons Auto Sales in the past and I can give them a good review. All the guys there are great, whoever I met and talked to. David, Eddy, Moby, Mike, they were all very helpful. You can count on them, they are really honest. They're not going to sell you something that has issues. You know what you buy will be in the best shape. I've never had any issue with a car I have bought from them. It's not like any other dealer where you're afraid you aren't getting what you think. With them, you know you are getting the best. I really like them.

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Nipapone K - 2016 Chevrolet Express

New Van, Works Wonderfully!

My family and I just bought a 2016 passenger van. It is a wonderful car and has been running smoothly ever since we had it. We got it mainly to take vacations with the family. We have a really big family with two kids. The car is very spacious and we really like it. The employees are were so easy to communicate with. They were very nice people! I would strongly recommend you buying your next car from Curmsons Auto Sales Inc.

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Kerry M - 2011 Ford van

Patient And No Pressure Sales With Mike

I was shopping around for a specific kind of van and Curmsons met all my requirements. The sales experience wasn't pushy and I felt comfortable spending my money there.

Mike was my sales person, he really set the tone for the entire experience, outstanding. He patiently showed me about 6-7 trucks with no pressure or upsell tactics. I've already referred two people to Curmsons. All around great folks!

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Hasan B - 2009 GMC Van

Well-Running Van

I bought a used van from Curmsons Auto Sales Inc. It is in good shape and has no defects I have noticed. The car runs smoothly. The sales man was helpful and was a friendly man. I would plan to use them again in the future if I needed to. I recommend that you get your next car from Curmsons Auto Sales Inc; they will treat you well!

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Ipe K - 2018 Chevrolet Express passenger van

Bought Three Vans, Planning to Buy More

I bought three vans from Curmsons Auto Sales. They are always courteous and very nice. I'm actually looking to buy another one this week or next week. As far as prices, sometime they are good and sometimes they are a little high. Most of the time the prices are reasonable. They are just very, very courteous, and that's important to me. Very nice people.

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James M - 2018 Ford Transits

Always Reliable And Trustworthy

Curmson's is great! I have been going to them off and on for the past ten years, and I have never experienced any issues with any of the vehicles I have purchased in that time. I most recently purchased four transit vans from them, and the vans are running well. I've bought many trucks and vehicles from them over the years, and they are always in really good condition. I keep going to Curmson's because I know I can trust that the vehicles I buy are reliable. The staff here always treat me courteously, and they take their work seriously. I'm happy to keep purchasing vehicles I need from here!

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Avis - 2009 Ford E350


I would certainly recommend Curmsons Auto Sales because they basically went above the call of duty as far as I was concerned. I bought two vans from them and on both occasions they just basically went over all the points and made sure that everything was quite fine. Most recently, they fixed my van up--fixing the air conditioning service in my Ford E-350. What I like about them the most is that they are very timely and, if they say they'll do it, they do it--that's the main thing--as well as they keep their word. I'm going to be buying more vehicles and I certainly will return to Curmsons.

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Philip L - 2017 Ram van

Second Purchase, Good Experiences Both Times

I recently made my second purchase from Curmsons Auto Sales, and everything was good. I had a good experience with them my first time so I decided to go back again. They went out of their way to get me what I needed. They had good customer service, a good sales process, and all that. The prices were great and I will most likely continue going there in the future. If you're looking into their service I'd say it would be a great choice.

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Anton N - 2009 Ford econoline

Quality Vehicles!

It was my first time doing business with Curmsons Auto Sales Inc. and they had exactly what I needed. I was looking for a certain type of van for my small business and the salesmen helped me and assured all my needs were met. I ended of finding the perfect used vehicle for a great price and in great condition. I haven't had any problems with the vehicle so far and I'm sure it will last me a long time. Very happy with the professionalism of the employees and their willingness to completely please the customer. I will be referring them to anyone who needs a great deal on a vehicle. Thanks again.

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Peter H - 2013 Ford passenger van

Great Service!

I had a good experience with Curmsons Auto Sales. They sold me a passenger van and I am happy with it. The customer service was great and the sales representative was very helpful. There have not been any problems and I would use them again if I need to.

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Angel A - 2013 Chev van

Great Work, Very Satisfied!

I recently went to Curmsons Auto Sales Inc when I was looking to purchase a vehicle and was very satisfied with the vehicle I got from Curmsons. The people there were very helpful with finding me a vehicle that would work well for me without breaking the bank. The vehicle I ended up with was a good price and has been working very well since I bought it. Overall I was very pleased with my experience at Curmsons Auto Sales, I highly recommend them.

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Ravibdra A - 2007 Chevrolet Express

They Have Good Vans but Be Careful

I went to Curmsons Auto Sales Inc. to buy a van for work. I found them online and picked them because they had a lot of vans and their prices were decent. I feel that they could have handled everything with me in a better and more accommodating way. They have a lot of good vans but some of them are not so good. I had an issue with my van right after I bought it and when I called to get it fixed under their warranty and they told me they could only fix it during Monday-Friday. I use the van for work and can't send it in on those my work days. It seemed like an excuse and the van felt like it had a lot more than 27,000 miles on it. I might recommend them but I'm not sure if they are a bit of a crooked dealership and I would just be careful with them and negotiate if needed.

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Andrew G - 2007 Chevrolet Express

Great Customer Experience

This was not my first time buying a van from Curmsons Auto Sales and it was a great experience. I have nothing bad to say about them. I bought 5 vans from them and the pricing was excellent. The salesperson I worked with was Eddy, he was professional and a good guy. I had a problem with one of the vans and they let me bring it in with no issues. They rebuilt the transmission and now its running great. I highly recommend them!

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Christopher B - 2011 Ford van

Mike Was Excellent

Curmson's Auto Sales is great! I had a really good experience with them. I worked with a guy named Mike and he was excellent. I would definitely go back there again when I'm in the market for another vehicle.

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E.M. - 2010 Chev Express van

Wonder perfect

I first went to Curmsons Auto Sales to purchase a vehicle a few years ago. I ended up purchasing a Chevy Express that had 73,000 miles on it for $11,500 which to me is a great deal. Curmsons went above and beyond the usual dealership. They inspected the vehicle, gave it a tune-up, registered the vehicle there on the spot, gave me my plates and I drove out of there the same day. After having such a pleasant experience, I decided to go back recently for a pickup truck. They don't have anything in stock just yet, but they told me they'll call me when the right vehicle is available. The staff there aren't high-pressure, they're friendly, helpful and eager to please

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Mohamed K - 2006 Ford econoline

Great Job

I had an excellent experience with Curmsons Auto Sales Inc. I thought that the service was fantastic and that the staff was very professional. This was my first time using the company and I appreciate that the staff listened to what my budget was. Starting out as a new company, they understood my needs and provided me with a van that would be great for my business. I would definitely recommend the company to other people and I hope they will continue to provide excellent service I appreciate that the manager gave me advice, as well. Five-stars all around!

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Michael W - 2017 Ford Transit

Very Accomodating

Curmsons has one of the most extensive collections of for sale fleet vehicles. I live in West Virginia, so I used their website to find the van I was looking for quite easily. Moby worked with me over the phone to set up the transaction. I flew in to La Guardia, he picked me up from the airport, drove me to the dealer in about 10 minutes, and we quickly checked out the vehicle. It was clean as promised. Within an hour I was on the road headed home. The transaction was quick and the service was friendly and accomodating. I hope to do business with Curmsons again.

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Gino G - 2011 Ford van

Everything Went Well.

We used Curmsons Auto Sales recently, we were very pleased with the customer service and variety of vehicles they had for us to choose from. We worked with Moby to find something that would work for us and he was super helpful throughout the whole process. We found exactly what we were looking for and for a price that was within our budget. If we ever are in need of another vehicle they will be the first place we go to!

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Aaron T - 2018 Ram Promaster

Great experience

I'm new to the area and didn't expect to find a dealer so close. I saw this dealership had several versions of a Ram Promaster van as I walked by the other day. For some reason, their business didn't show up in my internet searches, but I'm super glad I walked in their door! Friendly, helpful staff and Mike is great. I found the perfect van for my needs and their service was fast, professional, and very friendly. I would recommend Curmsons to anybody!

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Mark D - 2015 Chev Express passenger van

Very Good!

This was our first time using Curmsons Auto Sales Inc. Before making a decision their response time for any questions that we had was terrific. So after we thought about it, we ended up purchasing a red Chevy Express. When we left with the new car to return the rental, we ran over a spike strip with the new car that we didn't know you couldn't back over. We called Curmsons Auto Sales Inc. to let them know what had happened and they came right away and brought us two new tires! I thought that was way above and beyond! We did get a service engine light that has come on and they are quick to let us know where to take it to get that light checked out and they will be taking care of it. They responded right away and seem to care about this issue! This has been a very good experience and the personal touch with this experience is very good.

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Thierry R - 2013 Chevrolet Van

Excellent Service

Came from out of town and they answered all my questions over the phone regarding fees, price and cargo van features. No surprises when I arrived. No hidden fees. Didn't feel at all like a hard sell. Gave me an incredible price for my trade in and was a great experience all around. They even mailed me back my ezpass and garage door opener. Nice experience.

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Robert - 2018 Chev Express

Great Experience! Strongly Recommend Them!

This was my first time using Curmsons Auto Sales Inc. I am a plumber and needed a new van for my business. My experience with them was terrific. It took about two days to get everything going on the van and they did install two bins that they had which originally did not come with it. The only way I could be happier with the service is if it came free! I have already recommended them to others. Great experience with these folks!

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Kim - 2018 Hyundai Tucson

If you're looking for a used car, Curmsons is the place to go!

I'm very happy with my purchase from Curmsons Auto Sales Inc.! I told Tony I was looking for a used Hyundai Tuscon and when he found one, he called me up. I went down there and test drove it. He gave me a good deal and helped find good financing. The office staff is very professional and honest. It was a good feeling to be there. After that, I referred my niece to them and they took good care of her also! Curmsons Auto Sales Inc has a reputation for selling mostly vans and trucks but they have cars also!

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Ken - 2004 Chev Astro

I Am Very Happy With Them

I am a licensed electrician and I have purchased a number of vehicles (about four) from Curmsons Auto Sales Inc. They always take good care of me. I just bought another Astro Van from them, and they transferred the equipment from my old Astro Van to the new one at no charge. Moby is a very knowledgeable sales guy, and he is very helpful. I am extremely pleased with their service and I will continue to use them for my vehicle purchases.

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Erick - 2019 Ford Transit

Very Good Work!

Curmsons Auto Sales Inc is great! We have two vans and they have serviced them both. This was our second time using their services. Working with them is very easy, setting up appointments, and finish work very fast. I always recommend Curmsons Auto to everyone.

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Daniel - 2018 Ford Transit


I've been looking at vehicles at Curmsons Auto Sales for a while and finally bought a passenger van that I am very happy with. The people there took good care of me and everything went smoothly. So far, so good! I'm pleased with my purchase. I would recommend Curmsons Auto Sales to others. They have excellent customer service!

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Ronald - 2014 Dodge Ram Promaster

Friendly, professional, always willing to do more

This was my first time using Curmsons Auto Sales Inc. I purchased a Dodge Ram cargo van. Everything was great. They gave me one month to verify if I liked it and wanted it, and I did. There were a few problems with the vehicle, but I took it into them, and they got it all fixed up. I had a great overall experience, and I would definitely recommend them!

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Roderick A - 2010 Ford E150

Easy & Smooth

Everything about my time at Curmsons Auto Sales Inc was easy and smooth. I would drive by their location so I knew of it. I showed up, and the person who worked with me was very patient and understanding. He helped me in picking out the right vehicle for my needs. We also worked together to make sure I had a good deal on my purchase. He was very patient and understanding.

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Brenden D - 2019 Ford Transit

Professional and good to work with.

Curmsons Auto Sales Inc was very good and efficient. They made the experience easy and even finished my paperwork ahead of time.

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